Frequent Questions


You will have to record yourself for around one minute.
Only you. We will never let anyone use your digital voice without your permission.
We are using them to create your digital voice. This data will never be shared with others.
  • Record yourself in a quiet room with as less echo/reverberation as possible.
  • Use a high quality microphone.
  • Record yourself longer.
  • Speak clearly and mark your intonation. Don't speak too slow.
Yes you can delete your data at any time. Go to the account page and you will find two links at the end of the page.

This is a very early prototype of our technology and it is definitively not perfect. It works better for some voices than others. In particular it works better for American English accent. To improve quality, you can add more recordings (we suggest to record yourself for at least five minutes).

It is also crucial to record youself with a good microphone and in a quiet room.

Yes and it works better for people with an American English accent.


While a single voice is something very complicated, the difference between two voices is much simpler. Instead of creating each voice independently, we create them altogether and the more voices we create, the easier it becomes to create a new voice.
  • Use your voice in personal assistants, for example reading tweets with the voice of the sender.
  • Create an avatar of yourself that can be used, for example, in video games.
  • Read audiobooks with the voice of your choice.
  • Use a personalized voice for persons that have diseases and can not speak anymore.
  • Freeze movie actor’s voices to make theem available forever even if they age or die.
  • and so on...
Yes. If you have a lot of audio recordings, we would be able to create a higher quality voice, but this is not available in this current beta version.
Please check our blogpost about it:
Yes, please send us an email to with the audio sample that you want to check.

Future plans

We are improving the tech and developing the API.


Yes, we can obtain voice qualities comparable to our artificial voices of Donald Trump or Obama. Please contact us at
Yes! Maybe not for the first release though.
Yes but only if you have the authorization of the person whose voice is being copied.