We create the most realistic artificial voices in the world

  • Personify your product by giving it a unique voice
  • Create your own vocal avatar and use it wherever you want
  • Integrate the vocal avatars of your users in your application
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Voice Samples

Chatbots and assistants

Lyrebird can give a unique voice to your personal assistant. No need to use the same voice as your competitors any longer.


Lyrebird can be used to narrate your books, with celebrity voices, author voices or the voice of one of your relatives.


Get rid of your robotic hotline and get an ultra realistic voice for which you can control emotions.

Video games

Not only can Lyrebird generate the voices of all your NPC characters in one click, our technology allows you to generate dialogues on the fly.

Text reader

Read the articles of your favorite website with the voices of your choice.

Our Products

Custom Voice

Create a unique artificial voice for your company or your application.

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Create your own Vocal Avatar

Create a digital voice that sounds like you with only one minute of audio.

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Vocal Avatar API

Integrate the digital voices of your users in your application.

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